Nacho Bolea (Zaragoza, 1966)

nacho bolea artista zaragoza aragón

Jesús Llaria

Nacho Bolea has come a long way since 1987, from when he began cutting and pasting old etchings under the classical influence of Max Ernst, to his latest works which are more pictorial and sculptural through harmonious compositions, integrating highly diverse natural elements.

His technical and semantic ambiguity conjoining of the different arts with literary formulations provokes an estrangement in the spectator; a whirring of ideas and sensations that never quite settles into a decisive homonymic explanation.

In this way, his pieces can be seen as poetic machines, producers of poetic meaning which fire ideas and emotions at the spectator.

Towards the end of 1996 he presented his first solitary exhibition: The Radiant State, thanks to the gallery director Antonia Puyó.

Between 1996 and 2000 he did two series of collages: Ad marginem: Femmes, Dreams and Maladies and 24 Fragments of the Bad Blank; this last series was shown in its entirety in the Pablo Serrano Museum (2001).

He set up several workshops on graphic art, printing and digital techniques. Since the late nineties he has exhibited his works in several Spanish cities.

In the spring of 2003, the MUA (The University of Alicante Museum), exhibited an ample selection of his work entitled Limbo, where in a combination of his previous years’ work could be reviewed.

In 2005, he was invited, together with other artists, by the Aragonese Department of Culture to participate in the project “Travel Journal” (a contemporary vision of the Saint James Way in Aragon). That same year, the gallery Utopia Parkway celebrated its 10th anniversary and celebrated it by paying homage to the American artist Joseph Cornell in a collective exhibition in which Nacho Bolea took part.

In the Mikado exhibition (2012-2013), organised by the Vice-rector of Social and Cultural Projection at the University of Zaragoza, his previous ten years’ production was shown: paintings, collages, objects –

-The Wanderers-, Artist’s books and audiovisuals. An exhaustive and varied itinerary along the artist’s most intimate and personal journey where the ideas of voyage, game, erotica, artistic and literary tributes form the backbone of a journey that lies somewhere between chance and poetry amongst the different halls of the beautiful Paraninfo building.

Nacho Bolea is currently working on his new series: Artist’s Books which is the root of a future book and his next exhibition. And also working on a new collection of objects, Toy Weapons, where the artist pursues the deactivation of the threat and the danger inherent in weapons, using all kinds of toy weapons, which in combination with other objects and materials, are imaginatively transformed into evocative and surprising new expressions.